About me

My name is Opphiucus and I’m here to write and kick ass, and I ran out of asses. Until the next of ass harvest season I will continue to write about stuffs in my blog. Stories, opinions, rants, reviews, and some stuffs that can only make sense in your wildest non-eucledian dream. My display name bern_opphiucus is based on my favorite character from a certain visual novel and the name of the thirteenth zodiac for a little rule of cool.

I love stories, mainly fantasy fiction, regardless of the medium; movies, novels, comic, anime, manga, visual novels, etc etc. There are no definite parameters to what I like; if I like it then I like it. Since my main profession is a scientist, I’m also interested in SCIENCE! I will be posting stuffs about SCIENCE from time to time… FOR SCIENCE! In case you’re too dense then let me make this clear to you: This blog will look like some kind of NERRRD utopia.

I’m not planning to write a literary masterpiece capable of ushering world peace with stuffs I post in here. Also I don’t expect them to be so DEEP and thought-provoking. They’re written because my head is already cramped with imagination and I need to let some out.

That is all about me and I hope we get along well.

Pic related: It’s me and my lady, Miss Bernkastel (Yes, I’m working part-time scouting for magical girls candidate to have their hope and love ruined. It can’t be helped)


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