After spending one month in Shanghai, I found myself a little too preoccupied with projects and other stuffs and this blog ended up left behind in the corner gathering dust. But I will not let that happen! And therefore, I would like to use this moment of awakening to… post a pic of cute girls in Chinese dress!

By Masami Chie

(By Masami Chie)

Now that urge gets out of the way, I just want to say that I still have plans with this blog and this time I’m not afraid of anything anymore!

(By Shinonome Moegi)

(By Shinonome Moegi)

I will start using this blog as how it meant to be, as a dumping site for my creative works as well as unholy bastion of twisted expression. I myself don’t understand what the latter actually means but you can expect things will get more… ORIGINAL!

I can't find a proper pic to describe last paragraph so here's a cute Parsee instead (by ume)

I can’t find a proper pic to describe last paragraph so here’s a cute Parsee instead (by ume)

With the exception for the pics, I can barely draw shit (well, maybe I can draw a little but my coloring sucks colossal balls) so I will as always depend on good ol’ Pixiv artists. However, now I will credit the artists because I have realized what a monster I was.