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Have you ever fell in love with a song before? No, I don’t mean ‘I love this song, it has cool beat and I listen to it as much as possible’ kind of love but the ‘If this song is a human, I will care for her, caress her, propose to her, make her my wife and together we will start a little happy family in that little house on the prairie’ kind of love. It’s a little creepy but I’m sure everybody has experienced it once (and if you haven’t let’s just pretended to be so for the sake of this post). Anyway, I want to share to you this song from Kalafina titled Hikari no Senritsu. It’s the opening of Sora no Wo To which I have no interest in watching yet I must thank for giving reason for this piece to exist. This song has evoked within me the feeling of love I have never felt before. It is… pure love! With all the pinks, and hearts, and cupids, and swords! It’s very unusual for me because although I love Kalafina and Kajiura’s stuffs, they are usually on the more mystic spiritual side. However Hikari no Senritsu seems able to create some kind of warm feeling that is usually rare in Kajiura’s songs. What also helps is the atmosphere it creates. It’s some kind of celtic fantasy of distant past with vast green grassland, azure blue sky, emerald dense forests, fantasy and romantic castles while at the same time without all the celts. But I stall your time for too long and now brace yourself for the song!

After we hear the official version, I want you to hear to the German fancover by Paperblossom titled Melodies des Lichts (which is German for Hikari no Senritsu and means ‘HOLYFUCKAWESOMESONG’ in English). Fancovers are usually earthly attempt to describe what Lovecraft’s nightmares look like and German fancover is earthly attempt to describe Lovecraft’s nightmares while at the same time feeding you sauerkraut. It’s unpleasant and it’s a painful way to waste your time worse than injecting morphine to scrotum. Yet Paperblossom managed to create something that is very rare, a german fancover that is not only actually COVERS the beauty of the song yet amplify such beauty with domestic german beauty. It lets you enjoy Hikari no Senritsu yet at the same allows you to metaphorically gaze on the beauty of Black Forest, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Swiss! (Swiss is part of Germany, right?) It also heavily amplifies the fantasy feels that is already abundant in the original Japanese version. Basically it’s an atmospheric overdose that causes me to spasm due to chronic fantasygasm. This fancover is also very astounding by allowing a song that is rich in European atmosphere to return to its natural habitat (because Germany is the only important country in Europe). So I throw my hat (I always wear hats when writing blog posts) to Miss Paperblossom for enriching such beautiful song with Germanic aesthetic (also for reminding us that aesthetics haven’t gone extinct in Germany).