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Long time since last update and this time I have a valid and SCIENTIFIC reason! Basically I’ve been spending the last two weeks working on preparation on of my interview to apply for university in Japan. In the end all’s well end well and all I got to do now is working on the scholarship. I never by the time I got the chance to go to Japan it will be because of SCIENCE (thank you, based SCIENCE!) and I will be staying there for a long time. Basically since I’m an otaku (gah! I hate to admit that!) Japan is like my personal Mecca.

And this is how Japan always looks like in my mind

Still, I know I’m not enthusiastic compared if I had received this offer maybe five years ago. It’s funny because in the span of my path to adulthood (that is filled with perils and bear-eating men), I have lost my unhealthy lust towards Japan. I can feel I’m metamorphosing from a weeaboo into euroaboo. Yes, it’s my greatest shame that I fell in love with Europe (except Italy because it’s filled with ugh Italians). And don’t let me start on Switzerland. I love Swiss so much I often subconsciously masturbate to hot chocolate, Swiss army knife, and cow bells.

So in the end I’ve decided to renew my love for Japan. I need to commemorate the reason why high school me spent his time adoring Japan and learning their language (aside from so I can enjoy their pr0n without waiting for translation). I have decided to list the amazing stuffs that I will see in Japan so I don’t end up screaming for cow bells in my sleep.

  • Fast internet: My number one priority especially considering the internet in my country is slower special olympics for snail
  • Comic Market: All the sweat and waiting line. This is like BDSM session for otaku
  • Money: The scholarship is quite a rich one
  • Xenophobia: I bet they taste like chicken
  • Road free from idiotic motorcyclists: To make sure I’m not in Indonesia
  • Japanese tsundere girls: I-it’s not like I’m expecting them or anything, silly!
  • Maid cafe: I need them for routine room cleanup
  • Kyoto: And the wacky magical adventure that will follow
  • Late night anime: So I can download fansubs without feeling guilty since I’ve enjoyed them the way they’re intended legally
  • Tora no Ana: The Vatican for otaku
  • Ramen: The proof of god in this multiverse
  • Sushi: Hmmm… I love sushi
  • Gaming: Fighting game arcades. here I come!
  • GIRUGAMESH: Mandatory meme insert
  • Hot chocolate, Swiss army knife, and cow bells: DAMN!