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Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to my blog! This is my third time trying my best to create a blog with interesting content that is consistently updated. I too once had a blog on wordpress but alas laziness conquered my heart. Will this this blog stand strong facing the wheels of time (and my own laziness) or will she suffer the same fate as her sisters? (Yeah, I just referred my blog as ‘she’. I’m such a romantic) Nobody knows.

I name this blog Unmoving Great Library, based on a certain Touhou character but also because it has nice simple fantasy feels to it. A little information though, I’m not much of Patchy fan and more of a Sakuya person. S-so i-it’s not like I use her title because I like her or anything, d-dummy! Putting tsundere aside, I find this the name fits the vision I had on my blog perfectly (it’s a library! It’s great! And it’s… not moving) and using the name Voile will sound like I’m fishing Touhou fans to access my blog while it has nothing to do with Touhou at all.

The Unmoving Great Library in her natural habitat

Aaaaaaand about what I’m planning with this blog. I just want to share original stories I have penned (ORIGINAL CHARACTERS! DO NOT STEAL!) and some will be

written in English, some will be in Bahasa Indonesia. So lucky for you few foreigners who understand Indonesian. Aside from my story, I will also write about some stuffs such as my review on music, characters, or just some random musings. They will be all written in English tho so whole mankind can understand my all-important opinion on stuffs. Majority of the stuffs I write will contain otaku-related references to some degree so please bear with me.

Some parts of my opinion might be strange, weird, or entice indescribable non-eucledian rage for the weak so obviously this blog is not for everyone. If you don’t feel good with my blog then please leave a comment and kindly leave the way you see fit. Please don’t turn the comment section into a bloody war zone (though I’m certain some of you are eager to do that. Some of you who are weak against fire and turn to stone under sunlight!). You have Youtube comment section for that purpose. Also I would like to apologize in advance if I don’t respond to your comment. My greatest mistake as a first time blogger back in my first blog is not responding comments and I will try my best not to repeat that mistake here. However if by any chance I don’t give any respond please do understand (maybe I’m in the middle of fighting land-sharks somewhere in the Pacific and their toxin causes me to forget some life priorities such as giving response on the internet or learning to bake). Oh, and this blog will be littered with cute anime girls so please be careful to not get diabeeetus or cardiac arrest.

So without further ado, I would like to say hello and as wise men say: ‘It can’t be helped’.